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A Mailing List is simply an organised form of email communication. You may not need to have an email account in order to view an internet forum and participate in it, but you do need one to share in a Mailing List. To register for the jOrgan-User Mailing List, click HERE and follow the instructions. Note that one important option is whether to have individual posts (i.e. emails) sent into your Inbox, which will occur almost as soon as they are sent by the poster, or whether to have Digests of a number of posts sent as a group, sometimes after quite some delay.

If you have opted for individual posts, to reply to a post, open that post, compose your email reply and then click on “Reply All” or “Reply List”, if you are offered that option. To start a new Topic, open a recent post, replace the Subject Line with the title of the new Topic, compose your reply and click on “Reply All” or “Reply List”. Delete all content below your own, unless you need to quote part of what another poster has written.

If you have opted for the Digests, consult one of the Digests in order to find the email address which you must send your post (email) to. It is at the top of the short list of addresses. When filling in the Subject Line, use the title of the post you are replying to (but deleteRe: [jOrgan-user]”), or use the title of your new Topic. Compose your post and click on “Send.

The readers of the jOrgan-User Mailing List have agreed on the following protocol:

(You may find the meaning of that last line somewhat elusive.)