User interface

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jOrgan can be started with a graphical user interface or with a command line interface.


If the GUI extension is installed, jOrgan starts with a wikipedia:graphical user interface. It has two modes, construction and playing. You can toggle between these two modes with a button on the toolbar.

In play mode all elements of the Disposition are operational and MIDI inputs and outputs become operational.
In construct mode you can alter the current Disposition. New elements can be added, existing elements changed or removed.
Construct mode file operation shortcuts

:The following keyboard shortcuts do serve copy-and-paste file operations:

  • Ctrl + c (when an ELEMENT is selected) copies the element with its properties and its REFERENCE-TO list to the copy/paste buffer. It does not copy the element's REFERENCED-FROM list.
  • Ctrl + v pastes a new element from the copy/paste buffer, which after Ctrl+C only contains the Properties and the REFERENCE-TO list.
  • Ctrl + d (when an ELEMENT is selected) duplicates (copies, then pastes) the selected element into an entirely new element copy, including its properties, REFERENCE-TO list and REFERENCED-FROM list.

The user interface consists of the following elements:


To start jOrgan with a wikipedia:command line interface you have to use a command line switch:

java -jar jOrgan.jar --headless

You can then control the program in the jOrgan command shell.