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This page represents the situation some years before the introduction of jOrgan 3.21, and has been left unaltered, at least for the time being. Releases of Java since that time have made the details of correct installation more complicated. You are advised to consult the Install:Java and Install:jOrgan sections of the STARTING page of the jORGAN DISCOVERY website for up-to-date details of the current recommendations.

Installing jOrgan

This page gives you information about the installing process to get jOrgan running on any system. For more detailed instructions appropriate to your operating system please follow these links:

jOrgan requires Java to be loaded on your computer. Please see the Java section below before installing jOrgan.

  • For Windows users we offer an installer for a convenient start into the world of virtual organs. An easy, self explanatory process installs jOrgan for you.

You can download jOrgan contained in a wikipedia:ZIP_(file_format) file which you should extract anywhere on your local hard drive:

The following instruction is for Linux and MAC systems - Windows users can bypass this section and start reading again at the Testing your new installation section.

Open a wikipedia:Shell (computing), change into the extraction directory and start jOrgan with the following command:

java -jar jorgan.jar

jOrgan root folder directory structure

JOrgan directory structure.jpg

Windows OS. Ensure that you preserve the directory structure present inside the downloaded file, otherwise jOrgan will not operate properly. This structure only relates to the example dispositions supplied with jOrgan. The lesson here is to preserve the file structure of each jOrgan disposition the way it is supplied. Most external dispositions will have a very different structure to what you see here, and will fail if they are changed to match this actual jOrgan installation structure. Once you have learned how files are addressed inside a jOrgan disposition, you will be free to organise things how you choose.

  • the "dispositions" folder contains small jOrgan example dispositions

  • the "docs" folder contains documents like licenses and credits

  • the "lib" folder contains any jOrgan program extensions and libraries

  • the "skin" folder contains jOrgan's default skins

  • "jOrgan.exe" starts jOrgan using the Windows shell

  • "jorgan.jar" starts jOrgan using the Java shell

To know about this directory structure, is essential for working with jOrgan.

Testing your new installation

jOrgan comes with a small example Disposition. You should open it to verify that your system is set up correctly:

A virtual keyboard is located at the bottom of the program window. Please press some keys on the keyboard and operate the elements to hear some organ sounds. Once you have this setup up and running you should try to experiment with the example disposition. Start the customize wizard to adjust it to your equipment.


To run jOrgan you need a Java Runtime Environment 6 or latest. You need to be aware of whether your computer is running in 32 bit or 64 bit. If you don't know and just let Java install automatically, Java will install the version that matches the "bits" of the browser you are using to access the Java web site and download. This is the best link to use. [1] It is what is referred to as the manual or off-line install. This way you can choose the 32 bit, the 64 bit or both bit versions. If no wikipedia:JRE is already installed on your computer you can download it from the following locations:







Several add-ons are available for jOrgan:

  • Skins are used to style elements on a virtual console. They are the graphical aspects that you see on your computer screen, including the labels and how they move. Most users of jOrgan don't need to understand how this works unless you are wanting to customize the appearance of a particular jOrgan disposition (or instrument). All good Dispositions will either link to a jOrgan default skin or have their own customized skin included in their package.

  • Extensions add additional features to jOrgan, e.g. they offer better integration with other programs.

The Windows installer contains all current and relevant Extensions. It is recommended to check and ensure that all Extensions are "selected" at that point in the installation. The complete jOrgan package is only small so there is no advantage in trying to trim it. You would only not select an Extension if you knew exactly what it did, and that you definitely didn't need it. Tomorrow you might download a Disposition that requires an Extension you didn't install.

For Linux installations, each add-on has to be downloaded separately and extracted into the same folder as the jOrgan installation.