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Download the Debian package for an easy installation of jOrgan. Download the package and install it with a mouse double click:


Alternatively you can use the following command:

dpkg -i jorgan.deb


Java 6 is required for jOrgan, the package default-jre will automatically be installed as a dependency of the jOrgan package.

Depending on your Linux distribution you have to change the default wikipedia:JRE to the wikipedia:OpenJDK implementation. For a manual installation execute the follow command:

apt-get install default-jre openjdk-6-jre

If your distribution doesn't do it automatically, you have to change the default Java implementation for all programs with the following command:

update-java-alternatives -s openjdk-6-jre


The module snd-virmidi offers virtual wikipedia:Midi devices which might be necessary to connect jOrgan to other Midi programs (Java supports RawMidi devices only).

To start it explicitely use the following command in a terminal:

modprobe snd-virmidi

The jOrgan package configures snd-virmidi to be loaded automatically on startup of your system. For this it adds an entry to /etc/modules.

To configure Midi routing you'll need an addional package aconnectgui:

sudo apt-get install aconnectgui

Further information is available in the Linux Midi Howto.


On Linux the JRE needs wikipedia:ALSA to support wikipedia:Midi. The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture provides audio and Midi functionality for the Linux operating system. It is included in all current Linux distributions.

The Linux Audio Users Guide gives a good introduction for those who are struggling with audio on Linux.

The Unofficial ALSA Wiki hosts an exhaustive collection of information about ALSA, among other things how to find and identify your devices (e.g. hw:0,2 or front:CARD=Live,DEV=0).


The JACK Audio Connection Kit is a sound server daemon that provides low latency sound connections.

Install JACK from your package manager or the command line:

sudo apt-get install qjackctl

This install includes the JACK GUI interface which allows to configure JACK (and as a matter of fact, ALSA Midi routing too). }}