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This jOrgan InfoBase was created in March 2020, being derived from the jOrgan MediaWiki authored by Sven Meier and added to by jOrgan users, notably Graham Goode and Bernd Casper.

The jOrgan InfoBase contains much detailed information about how jOrgan works, how to use it, and how to create Virtual Pipe Organ dispositions” for use with it. However, parts of it are complex and can be daunting. New users to jOrgan are advised to start with the jORGAN DISCOVERY website.


jOrgan is a Java-based MIDI-Processor, in other terms a Java MIDI-IDE. Its open architecture allows for complex transmitting and dynamical modifying of MIDI-Messages on their way between MIDI-Encoders and MIDI-Decoders, by means of its own MIDI Programming Language MPL. A device being used to run jOrgan must also have a suitable version of Java installed.

The jOrgan core...

The jOrgan Extensions allow the user to...

How can I use jOrgan?

jOrgan lets you use your computer as, e. g., a full featured virtual organ. Here's a simple chart that illustrates where jOrgan fits into the overall "organ" scheme. It recognizes that jOrgan and any associated sound rendering aspect are two separate components.

Where jorgan is situated.png

Note that for Windows users, Fluidsynth has been included in the install process for convenience. It fulfils its purpose as a suitable sound engine admirably. Users of other Operating Systems may need to download and install Fluidsynth themselves. All users are free to use whatever alternative sound engine they wish to, assuming that it is appropriate for use with jOrgan.

Many jOrgan users have created their own custom dispositions to meet their personal needs. Links to their shared work can be found under "Shared Dispositions". Probably all such dispositions assume the use of Fluidsynth.

(The following is a variety only, of what is freely available. Click on each to enlarge.)

Screenshot_neu.png ___ Stiehr-Mockers.png ___ JB3.png

Hbo 20 console 1.jpg ___ English Cathedral.png ___ Christie sm.PNG

Balzan VPO 01.jpg


Note that you have to open the latest folder on the download page, if you wish to have the latest version. You should ignore the green download tab titled “Download Latest Version” and probably also the blue one titled “Get Updates”. Note further that it is not the case that each version of jOrgan is compatible with each and every version of Java or of Fluidsynth. These details are kept up to date on the STARTING page of the jORGAN DISCOVERY website.

Latest installer for Windows
Latest package for Linux
Latest bundle for MAC

Resources And Research

may contain both internal and external links

jOrgan InfoBase
jOrgan mailing list recent archive (web-page Link)

jOrgan mailing lists archive


Source code

jOrgan project at github

To do

Contribute To jOrgan

From the very beginning, jOrgan has been team work. There are several tasks which need maintenance.

If you have any problems with jOrgan or questions, please feel free to join our discussion.

To add content or suggest modifications to this jOrgan InfoBase, email the InfoBase Administrator at (john. reimer AT exemail. com. au - disguised; remove spaces).

Further Contribution Tasks

  • maintain the jOrgan language files (currently: English, Czech, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian)

  • add languages

  • pending feature requests in order to suggest features which you would like to see added to jOrgan. To do this, you need to be registered with SourceForge. Bear in mind that Sven Meier is no longer involved with adding any new features, and so response to your request cannot be guaranteed.

To do