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jOrgan website for new users___Sticky Post

Problem with "The Organ Forum"___By JohnR___Newest post on 2023-09-10

Appreciation for jOrgan___By Les Knoll___Most recent post on 2023-09-10___2 replies

Computer update___By Steve___Most recent post on 2023-09-01___3 replies

need the software Jack for xp 64 bits and maybe 32bit___By ani2art___Most recent post on 2023-08-15___3 replies

Changes to jOrgan Discovery website___By JohnR___Most recent post on 2023-08-11___1 reply

Update to the Tutorial on using Fluidsynth Backends___By JohnR on 2023-07-30

Midi to USB glitch___By Jolly Zekkariya___Most recent post on 2023-07-10___7 replies

John Dubery's Dispositions page___By JohnR on 2023-07-09

jOrgan website for new users

From JohnR

This website has been created to make it easier for internet users to discover jOrgan and to start using it. Its main pages are HOME, STARTING, ADDING, GALLERY, F.A.Q., THIS SITE and CONTACT.

The web address is


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *

John Dubery's Dispositions page

From JohnR on 2023-07-09 09:57

Hi all,

John Dubery has supplied a new Dispositions page for the jOrgan InfoBase. It has helpful descriptions

of the dispositions. Link:'s_Dispositions.html

Best wishes,



Midi to USB glitch

From Jolly Zekkariya on 2023-06-27 01:35

I have been using jOrgan for a month now. It has been working perfectly fine however

it developed some issues when I tried changing from using a printer like midi connection

to using USB to midi cable (image of cable attached); ie, from yamaha dgx 650, to yamaha ez-j200

Simply said, the midi to USB cable inputs the sound but after a few notes jOrgan begins

playing unending static notes and sometimes random notes that I did not play on the keyboard.

I'm guessing there's some sort of incompatibility with the older version cable because

this never happens when I use the dgx 650 yamaha.

I have tried another older yamaha keyboard and it's still the same issue.

The static sounds keep going even when you remove the midi cable.

Thanks for your help in advance.


From Roy Radford on 2023-06-27 01:54

I'm a bit out of touch with jOrgan these days but could this be an issue between systems

that use Note Off and those that use Note On, zero volume?

Have fun,

Roy. (UK)


From JohnR on 2023-06-27 08:07

There may be two separate issues at play here.

Perhaps the static can be eliminated by changing the audio buffer settings. Click on File, Customizer

and go to its last page using "Next" a few times. Try doubling the buffer size and report on any


The unwanted notes may be caused by using a "cheap" MIDI-to-USB cable.

Best wishes,


P.S. Your photo of the cable did not get through (as far as I know) because it made your post too big.

SourceForge hosts our Mailing List for free, and sets a size limit of 64 KB. The attachments caused a

size of 2.5 MB.


From Jolly Zekkariya on 2023-06-28 05:57

Oh... sorry.

The buffer did not work. And I found a video on YouTube saying the same cable has issues. It basically

just doesn't send the off signal at times. I don't know how to fix it.


From RickW on 2023-06-28 06:42

You will need to buy a better quality MIDI to USB Interface.

The cheaper ones don't have buffer memory, and when too many messages are sent they just can't cope.

They can cope with simple single keyboard tasks, but when there are multiple keyboards and especially

adding swell pedal messages, they fail.

A better quality Interface has buffer memory capacity and sends the overload messages on the next serial

clock pulse. The most dependable MIDI to USB Interface is the Roland UM-1 mk ll.


From RickW on 2023-06-28 06:45

It will also be not sending other messages, but you won't notice them. It is only if a note on has been

sent, then the corresponding note off is lost, that is an obvious problem in MIDI. Missing other messages

simply go un-noticed.


From Jolly Zekkariya on 2023-06-28 11:07

Thank you for your response. I'll just do that!


From Jolly Zekkariya on 2023-07-10 18:53______

I used the same cable on korg x5 and the glitch is almost reduced.

__________________________________MOST RECENT POST OF THE THREAD


Update to the Tutorial on using Fluidsynth Backends

From JohnR on 2023-07-30 21:02

Hi all,

I have updated Graham Goode's Tutorial on using Fluidsynth Backends, which is a page

in the jOrgan InfoBase. This is to reflect changes that have been made in what backends

are now being offered on the jOrgan downloads page, "Fluidsynth". The link to the

Tutorial is:

The changes I have made are found mainly in the introduction, and in the warnings which

I inserted before the main substance of the tutorial. Please advise me of any errors or

things which need to be worded differently.

Best wishes,



Changes to jOrgan Discovery website

From JohnR on 2023-08-11 14:57

Hi all,

Today I made the following changes to the website:

1. Minor updates to the STARTING page to reflect current jOrgan downloads being offered.

2. An addition to the GALLERY page with a link to Mark Bugeja's Balzan page on his website.

This contains links to a number of audio recordings by accomplished organists using Mark's

Balzan jOrgan disposition. (I have apologized to Mark for this very late response to his

email suggesting that it be added to the GALLERY page. I received the email about two years

ago, and it slipped my mind at the time, only to be discovered in my Inbox a few days ago.)

The jOrgan Discovery website address:

Best wishes,



From Mark Bugeja on 2023-08-11 15:02

On Fri, 11 Aug 2023 at 06:58, JohnR wrote:

I have apologized to Mark for this very late response to his email

suggesting that it be added to the GALLERY page. I received the email

about two years ago, and it slipped my mind at the time, only to be

discovered in my Inbox a few days ago.)”

No worries. Been there, done that!____MOST RECENT POST IN THE THREAD


Computer update

From steve on 2023-08-11 15:10

Hello everyone.

Last week I up dated my Linux Mint computer to Mint 20.1 and installed the new

jOrgan 4.1 amd64 and it worked straight out of the box, no problem.

To those who do all the hard work thank you.



From JohnR on 2023-08-13 06:27

On 2023-08-11 15:10, steve wrote:

"installed the new jOrgan 4.1 amd64 and it worked straight out of the box, no problem."


Your post is much appreciated. Nothing surprising about jOrgan working "out of the box".

But receiving a post thanking those who have worked hard to create this amazing, free

program (Sven Meier foremost) is surprising - almost unheard of. One would think that

with about 2,000 downloads of jOrgan each year, this would not be the case. But such is


Best wishes,



From Jolly Zekkariya on 2023-08-30 14:22

I am so glad I found jOrgan! In my country accessing a pipe organ is not an easy task.

Is there a donations option for this wonderful team? I would like to extend a small

appreciation to this wonderful team that made this possible for lowly users such as myself.


Avishai, Uganda.


From JohnR on 2023-09-01 06:40

On 2023-08-30 14:22, Jolly Zekkariya wrote: "Is there a donations option

for this wonderful team?"


There used to be, and I don't know what became of it. It doesn't seem to appear

in the jOrgan InfoBase, which I created out of the earlier jOrgan MediaWiki.

Perhaps I removed it by oversight, or by a regrettable decision. Perhaps Sven

removed it before all that.

I did make use of it once, long ago, and afterwards felt that I should have donated

more. Sven may like to comment on whether it can be revived. I suspect that

"optional" donations are not made very often.

However, your post is very welcome, and I thank you for it. One good way to show

our appreciation of jOrgan is to spread the word about it somehow. Over the years

I have tried to speak up for jOrgan on "The Organ Forum", but it does require

some discretion, as the only system people there seem to talk about is the very

expensive Hauptwerk. Any comments we make there should scrupulously avoid

criticizing HW or even GO. But some enthusiastic remarks about our positive

experiences with jOrgan may not go astray (hopefully).

Best wishes,



need the software Jack for xp 64 bits and maybe 32bit

From ani2art on 2023-08-13 18:25

Hello all

i try to make contact here because i did not find any other option to get in touch elsewhere

i believe i mainly need jack for xp 64 bit, but just in case it does not work on my xp that

has no servicepack i would also try the 32 bit if anyone has it...sometimes 32bit things work

well on it when the 64bit versions do not

i was unable to find any of the 32 or 64 bit versions of jack by searching the official site

and the internet, but somehow after visiting plenty unhelpful links and sites i landed on jorgan

and according to this page someone here may have it and help me:

installer. Please contact me for an experimental 64-bit version for WinXP 64-bit and Vista

64-bit. "

i am new to the site but some of the other tools here may be of interest to me if they can work

on xp...i am not a musician or anything so is not really a top priority, but i just thought i add

this if anyone has a xp tested archive or online file sharing directory of such tools because i

may need some interesting sounds and sound effects in the future and will likely start

experimenting with various tools i find on internet and since this looks like a solid community

with hopefully responsive and helpful people might as well start my journey here


From Dr. Mark Bugeja MD on 2023-08-14 09:35

I have Jack v1.9.9.6 for 64x. I have a few earlier versions.

I hope this helps.



From Chris Pearson on 2023-08-14 18:56


I'm using Jack v1.9.9.5 on Windows XP 32 bit.

If this helps.

Chris Pearson


From ani2art on 2023-08-15 14:53

Hello All

thanks to Mark i have now installed jack audio version

even though the installer claims to be version

the about window states otherwise

but looking at that i have a concern, it says the debug option is enabled

is this normal or should i turn it off, and if yes how to turn debug off?

i did not notice such debug option available in settings

i am also curious if anyone has an even earlier version of jack, preferably

smaller since this one is almost 100mb when installed

i am as well interested in alternatives if anyone has something smaller that

works on xp, especially if there is something that acts like a virtual card

and is selectable as sound device,

allowing to manually switch between the real and virtual sound devices

feel free to send me names of the software you think may be useful even if

you don't have an installer or archived version to share, i also tried many

things but they failed to work on my pc

of course an installer or archived version would be very helpful,

especially since as proven with jack, xp software could be very hard to find

my current xp is 64 bit with no service packs and no updates, it is using the

default netframework which may be 2 but below 3, newer/other framework fails

to install on it for some reason, but i can install java and other things just

fine and it seems i can run both 32 and 64 software in most cases and only

one of the types either 32 or 64 in other cases

depending on my available options at the time, i may be able to switch to 32 bit

xp if and when i will need to reinstall the system, so while not all 32 bit options

may work now on my 64 bit xp

i am still interested in them as well even so they may be lower priority right now

looking forward to hear your suggestions

thank you for the help________MOST RECENT POST IN THE THREAD


Appreciation for jOrgan

From Les Knoll on 2023-09-02 10:14_______

I saw in a post recently that someone had expressed appreciation to the creators

of jOrgan and there was a reply that there are apparently not a lot of people that

have done so. Let me add my name to the people that have!!

I have been using jOrgan since the v2 days after making the transition from

midiitzer. I found the change difficult mostly because I was also trying to create

my own soundfounts in the process and there was a lot to learn since I was building

a full blown theater organ with no simplifications. After almost giving up at least

twice, I got things working to my satisfaction and have been building on that ever


The result is a 3/25 theater instrument I would not trade for any Allen, Walker or

Marshall & Ogeltree in existence! I equate the versatility of jOrgan to the way some

phone users tout Android. You can make it do anything you want. So much so that I

was making jOrgan do things that it was not intended to do (moveable capture action)

long before the feature was actually available. It was in there somewhere, but just

had to come out! Since then I have come up with other ideas for innovations, and

jOrgan did not disappoint. I have even made it interface a programmable Arduino-based

rhythm machine, playable through soundfounts so the percussions are expressive along

with the organ. jOrgan is without a doubt the most versatile application of its type

available. Hats off to Sven and the entire crew for making jOrgan what it is and

keeping it running, May we always have jOrgan!!

Les Knoll


From steve on 2023-09-02 16:25

I too started with v2. I found jOrgan when I first started using Linux.

I wanted to make a digital copy of the ex -Paradise Theatre Chicago 5/23 Wurlitzer.

With the help of friends who have theatre organs and borrowing samples from other

organs I now have a 5manual 42 rank theatre organ.

My son who is a pipe organ builder/restorer and organist is the one responsible for

the organ going from 23 ranks to 43 with the addition of stops such as a Vox chorus

and a 5 rack String.

On his last visit my son said "To much reverb dad." I told him to open the setting

page and change the reverb setting. He was astonished to find he could change

everything but the trems (Not figured that out yet)

jOrgan is so versatile that with a little bit of help you can do almost everything

with it. With a few clicks of the mouse I can go from big theatre organ to a

cathedral organ or small church organ and the Hammond C3.

The console I am using is what remained of the Compton organ from Royalty Theatre

Halifax West Yorkshire UK after the woodworms eat the top. Today I will collect

the original keyboards and so add second touch to the Great as well as the accomp

and pedals which in jOrgan is again just a few clicks of the mouse.

To the team that keep jOrgan going and improving and to Sven a big thank you.

Regards to you all.

Stephen Rowley.


From JohnR on 2023-09-10 14:18

Thank you to Les and Steve for your "unsought" words of appreciation for jOrgan,

adding to what Avishai has already said.

My appreciation for jOrgan has been expressed on the Mailing List many times, and

I don't think it will win me many friends to repeat it now. I am sure that many

others share our enthusiasm, but haven't found the time or the inclination to

express it at the moment.



Problem with "The Organ Forum"

From JohnR on 2023-09-10 14:54______NEWEST POST

Some wise guy has decided that users of that forum should be REQUIRED to change their

password every year. A couple of days ago I tried to access the site, only to be greeted

by a "Change your password!" page. It told me that my attempts to enter a "new" password

did not match, and of course I made sure next time that they did match - only to be told

the same thing. So I am locked out of the Forum and lacked out of informing them that

their page is losing their membership at a rate of one-twelfth with each successive month!

I am asking that someone on our Mailing List who also belongs to "The Organ Forum" send

them a post telling them that they have a problem. It wouldn't hurt to tell us that you

have done that.

Best wishes,