Continuous filter

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A continuous element which filters messages of a rank.


See continuous for properties.

References To


Referenced from

All ranks which messages should be filtered by this element.

See continuous for further referrers.


The messages from ranks to intercept, all other messages from the rank will be let through untouched.
Message to send to sounds when the value of this element has changed or a rank message was intercepted.

See continuous for further messages.

In case a continuous filter is just adding messages to those of a rank there's no need to use an intercept message.

Expression Pedal

A continuous filter can be used to realize an wikipedia:expression pedal.

A typical setup for an expression pedal might have the following messages:




equal 176, equal 7, get volume


set 176, set 7, set volume 127 | mult value

You can read the these messages as: "Intercept any volume change (176) and store its volume in the variable volume. If the element changes or a message has been intercepted, send a volume change with the last volume (or 127 if not intercepted yet) adjusted to the current value of this element."

Tuning Wheel

A continuous filter can be used to tune the sounds of referencing ranks.

Utilizing a pitch bend (224) wikipedia:Midi message to detune from 0 to 127:




set 224, set 0, set value | mult 127

Note that the tuning range depends on the pitch bend sensitivity of your sounds producer. Instead of pitch bend you might have to use another wikipedia:Midi Controller or wikipedia:NRPNs.

See tuning switch if you want to switch between fixed tunings.