Instructions on using the generic ASIO4ALL driver

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ASIO4ALL is the Generic ASIO Driver for Windows Systems.

It provides an ASIO sound source between your audio programs and your audio hardware by wrapping a WDMKS (Windows Driver Model Kernel Streaming) driver with the ASIO interface. By using ASIO for all you can link multiple WDM sound cards as one ASIO interface.

  • Download the driver from

  • Double click on the exe file to start the installer.

  • Once the installation is finished you can read the PDF document provided with the driver.

Your ASIO-capable audio applications will now be able to find the ASIO4ALL driver within their setup/configuration options. Once the driver is loaded by the audio application, you will be able to further configure ASIO4ALL by using the system tray icon that will load when the driver is in use.