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This requires the Fluidsynth extension. to be installed (which will be the case with normal installations of jOrgan).

With this element you can control Fluidsynth's reverb effect. Please note that four Parameters may be controlled using the Fluidsynth Reverb Element: Width, Dampen, Level, and Room. These four parameters create the reverb effect, and so each one must be set.

Note that some jOrgan users find the Fluidsynth reverb unsatisfactory unless it is used at very low levels. A typical reason is that it tends to make the sounds “metallic”.


One of Fluidsynth's reverb parameter to control.

See Continuous for further properties.

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Fluidsynth sound
The Fluidsynth sounds to control.


See Continuous for messages.

Configuration Steps

In construct organ mode, add four Reverb elements to the disposition. Set the Parameter value of the first to Width, and add 'Width' to the name property of that element. Set the Parameter value of the second Reverb element to Dampen, and add 'Dampen' to the name property of that element. Set the Parameter value of the third Reverb element to Level, and add 'Level' to the name property of that element. Finally set the Parameter value of the fourth Reverb element to Room, and add 'Room' to the name property of that element.

The Fluidsynth sound element can now be reference to the four Reverb elements.

Each Reverb element can be shown on the GUI by referencing it to a Console element. The Value of the Parameter can be set via a slider on the GUI, or in the 'Value' property of the element.


Small room with hard walls:

Room: 40 Dampening: 50 Width: 40 Level: 40

Small church:

Room: 50 Dampening: 20 Width: 40 Level: 40

Medium church:

Room: 80 Dampening: 30 Width: 80 Level: 40


Room: 90 Dampening: 40 Width: 50 Level: 30

Lively Cathedral

Room: 90 Dampening: 25 Width: 50 Level: 30

"Room" seems to determine length of reverberation. A setting of "0" will give you a reverb of about .35 seconds. A setting of "100" will give a reverb of about 8 seconds.

"Dampening" reduces the higher frequencies in the reverb. A setting of "0" will make it hard to know when the pipe stops speaking and the room starts. As you can see above, my settings have a minimum of 25. Lower than that the reverb will be too bright.

"Width" has a less noticeable effect. But it can be heard. It seems to add lower frequencies.

"Level" is the overall loudness of the reverb.

NOTE: The above settings seem to indicate early versions of jOrgan or may appply to inserting the figures using the Fluidsynth Graphical User Interface. Divide the numbers by 100 (“80” becomes “0.8”) when using the Properties View of jOrgan.