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A continuous used to control switches. On change the switch corresponding to the current index is activated.


The index of the currently active element, dependent on the current value.
title (read only)
The name of the currently active element.

See continuous for further properties.

References to

The elements to activate according to the current index.

Referenced from

The element which increases/decreases the current index.

See continuous for further referrers.


See continuous for messages.

Crescendo Pedal

A regulator can be used to create a wikipedia:Crescendo pedal, for this it references multiple activators. Each of these activators represents one step of the crescendo and references those stops (and possibly couplers) that should be activated according to the current state of the crescendo.


A sforzando is similar to a crescendo, only with the property duration set to a positive value.

Combination Sequence

By referencing combinations a regulator can be used as a combination sequence. Two incrementers can be used to conveniently iterate over all referenced combinations.