You may have experienced problems with jOrgan or with one of its VPO’s, which you have not been able to solve on your own by consulting the helps suggested in this website. Or you may simply wish to discuss jOrgan or its VPO’s, or make suggestions. You may even wish to thank one of the contributors to jOrgan for one or more of their VPO’s and say that you enjoy playing them.

Currently there is no one person or group of persons to whom emails may be sent. However, there is the jOrgan - User Forum to which posts can be sent. Another way of saying this is that there is the jOrgan - User Mailing List to which email posts can be sent. Most members of the Mailing List can be expected to receive such emails.

To send posts (or emails), you will need firstly to register. What you are actually doing is registering with the jOrgan – User Mailing List, which is hosted by SourceForge. It operates by means of an emailing system. In fact the emails are all archived, and can be be searched by entering some keyword via the jOrgan – User website (click HERE). You have the choice, when sending posts, either of using the email system (i.e. the Mailing List), or the Forum, which is a service provided by Nabble, and which conveniently presents the emails as posts collected into threads, and also provides a good archiving and searching function. Some users prefer the convenience of the Nabble Forum, but others prefer simply to use the Mailing List.

You can also email individual jOrgan users, and most can be expected to respond positively if they are able to do so. The Forum (but not the Mailing List archive) provides a convenient way to ascertain the email addresses of many (not all) of them, if they have at some time sent a Forum post/List email. You need to find one of their posts, look across to the left and click on their Username (located immediately above their Avatar image). You should soon locate their address, but also the opportunity is given there to send an email “via jOrgan”. In this case your email (as received by them) will probably indicate that it is related to jOrgan, but it would probably be a good idea to include in the email Subject line the word,“jOrgan”.

For the SourceForge jOrgan – User Mailing List website, click HERE, in order to register, or to change your options. (Uncheck the Newsletter options, if that is what you prefer.)

For the Nabble jOrgan – User Forum, click HERE. It is possible to register ALSO with the Nabble Forum itself, although not essesntial. It is what you should do if you want your email address to be accessible to others via the Forum, using the method described above.To register also with the Nabble Forum, click on “more options” (at the top of the screen) and then on “Subscribe”.

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